Fibromyalgia Therapies Worth Trying

Sometimes, pain relief comes with the right combination of medication, but for those with fibromyalgia, a pill may not be the best solution. While drugs can reduce the discomfort, they can bring distressful side effects, and pain relievers – no matter how strong – can’t get to the source of each point of pain.

To reach those trigger points, you need targeted therapy, for your mind as well as your body. Among the dozens of behavioural, physical, and artistic therapies designed to energize your muscles and calm the pain, these 10 varieties show a lot of promise for fibro sufferers.

1. Massage Therapy

Physical therapy can be broken down into several targeted approaches, and massage is one of the most accessible – and customizable – physical therapies out there. In fact, many patients agree that massage is by far the most effective nondrug therapy, especially once they develop a regular, long-term routine with their therapist. It’s important to find a registered massage therapist you trust, someone who has worked with chronic pain patients before: they should start very gently, and know how to change the therapeutic pressure according to how your muscles respond.

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